Hotel Zlatibor



The Mountain of extraordinary beauty in Western Serbia

Zlatibor is situated in Western Serbia, with an average altitude of 1000m. Summers are warm, winters mild, while the mountain and sea currents meet at this spot, which is extremely beneficial for patients with lung and heart conditions. This mountain is believed to be one of the most beautiful mountains in Europe and  offers numerous wide lawns, brooks, pastures, as well as various types of recreational, sport, medical and congress tourism

Zlatibor boasts with the diverse offer that meets every tourist need and demand.

Who likes to be in the central location will enjoy in large number of the restaurants, bars, coffee bars, pastry shops, children playgrounds, amusement parks located close to recently reconstructed King’s square, where  many concerts and manifestations take place.

Wide lawns, walking paths, bicycle paths as well as hiking trails only few yards away from the centre will be highly evaluated by the nature lovers. Views on stunning landscape and sunset take a breath away.

The youngest will enjoy in Dino adventure park, the elder children will go for more adrenaline activities, as carting, paragliding, quad driving and zip line.

Skiers can use a six persons chairlift, two ski lifts and baby lift for the youngest skiers The highest peak of Zlatibor is Tornik (1496m). This is where a ski centre is positioned, offering four ski runs covered with artificial snowing system: Cigota, Tornik, Ribnica and Zmajevac.

Culture and history, as well as the nature devotee have a wide choice of organised excursions from Zlatibor. One will enjoy stories told by tourist guide while visiting: Stopica cave, Gostilje waterfalls, Ribnicko lake, Sirogojno village, nature reserve Uvac, monasteries Mileseva, Zica and Studenica, Mokra Gora village with the famous “ Sargan Eight” old railway.

Not to forget Zlatibor food specialities, prepared by local ladies and served with fruit brandy - ”rakija”.

Do come to our mountain and assure your experience of Zlatibor.


  • Highest peak: Tornik – 1496m and Cigota - 1422m
  • Air spa
  • Ski centre
  • Congress centre
  • Recreational centre
  • Medical centre
  • Rivers, lakes and bathing areas
  • Sport
  • Adventure
  • Excursions
  • Events and Manifestations
  • Museums and Galleries
  • Churches and Monasteries



  • Belgrade  190 km
  • Novi Sad  260 km
  • Podgorica  240 km
  • Nis 260 km
  • Kruševac 180 km
  • Užice   25 km
  • Sarajevo              190 km 
  • Višegrad 65 km 
  • Rezervat prirode Uvac               55 km 
  • Nacionalni park Tara  55 km 
  • Mokra Gora – šarganska osmica 40 km 
  • Zlatarsko jezero 35 km 
  • Stopića pećina                      20 km 
  • Tornik ski centar 10 km