Attractions and Excursions


Stopic cave is one of the most beautiful and researched tourist attractions of Zlatibor, which is located on the left bank of the river Pristavica, on the altitude of 711 m above the sea,near Stopici village, 19km away from Zlatibor and 30km away from Uzice. The first speleological resurge was done by Serbian most famous explorer, Jovan Cvijic. Cave consists from five units, the Hall of Light, Hall of Darkness, Big Hall with Tubs, Channel with Tubs and the River Channel. The entrance part of the cave is adapted for visitors and has the length of few hundred meters, embracing the Hall of Light, Hall of Darkness and the Hall with Tubs. From the part of the cave with lime stone tubs path leads to the subterranean waterfall as high as 10m, called “ The Spring of Life”, where certainly one is completely fascinated by the creative power of the nature.

Gostilje waterfall is one of the most attractive natural wanders of Zlatibor. Located in Gostilje village, 25km away from Zlatibor. The water is falling some 20m over high lime stone rock forming the waterfall on the river Gostilje before its mouth into the river Katusnica. The river forms smaller waterfalls downstream all the way to the confluence with Katusnica river. It is worth visiting and enjoying unique mountain landscape  of this Zlatibor attraction